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First-class, high performance device for mid-large meeting rooms with up to 20 people

Support Yealink CPW90 Wireless Microphone, allows 66 ft(20m) away from CP960 and 10 ft(3m) voice pick up

Technology for Business Solutions

  • Is your company looking to improve its communications system?
  • Do you have new business that needs the latest in phone systems, internet, television and fiber optics?
  • Is a lack of surveillance a concern on your business campus?
  • And...are you looking for the service to back all of that up?
  • We specialize in Panasonic phone and security systems and are among the top in the country in providing their products.
  • We also carry security cameras from many manufacturers including a full line of Samsung cameras and recorders.
  • We do much more than just sell the product. We plan systems to fit your company’s day-to-day operations, your companies budget and we will train your employees for that system and service what we sell.

The bottom line?
We will provide the solution to your company’s telecommunications, security camera and IT needs.

TRP Communications has you covered, from the planning of your new system or upgrade to installation, training and service. We are your one-stop shop, whether you are a home business or a multi-site company.

TRP Communications has installed communications and camera systems throughout Ohio, as well as in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Tennessee. Since we work with Panasonic and Samsung and its network of dealers, there is no limit to footprint we can work with.

Call us today. We always find the best solutions for our clients, and we’ll find the best solutions for you.