Wiring Solutions

manAt TRP Communications, we pay attention to every detail. As a certified installer of HCM, Hitachi Cable Manchester, we provide solutions to your company’s telecommunications needs by making sure your new or upgraded system is wired safely and correctly.

Our quality cable installations will provide you with increased network speed, along with the ability to expand your system in the future. This is possible since all of the products we install feature the latest in technology.

Many older systems support only 10MB of information per second. We offer different standards of cable, which allow for high speeds and are the critical backbone of all of our computer and telecommunication installations.

If we are replacing an existing system, don’t worry: We keep the old system up and running while the new system’s installation is taking place.

Depending on the type of network, we begin with CAT5e, which supports 100MB of information per second and is the lowest standard of cable we install. For higher network speeds, we have CAT6 cable, which supports 1GB of information per second.

wire We also offer fiber optics, which support even higher speeds. Fiber optics are primarily used at larger sites, such as college campuses and large industrial and manufacturing complexes. We also have coaxial cable for television and provide overhead paging systems and music systems.

In addition, we install only Plenum cable rather than non-Plenum. This is an extremely important safety factor for our customers. Non-Plenum cable is highly toxic in case of a fire. We will not install non-Plenum cable, no matter what building codes may allow.

We realize installing new cable lines for your company is something you don’t do on a regular basis. When we install this critical part of your system, we engineer the job so there is always room for added growth and speed. Each job allows for easy future transitions to increased services, such as voice-over-IP. All of this is taken into consideration during the initial job review process.

And since we are a certified cable installer, we make sure the system is fully functional before completion. We run tests on every line. Once the system passes each test, our customers receive a lifetime warranty on the entire cable system.

There are many benefits to making sure your new cable system is installed safely and correctly. We make sure the job is done efficiently, no matter how long it takes to install. As we said earlier, your new cable installation is the backbone of your telecommunications network.